Driving lessons

During the driving lessons we work step by step towards the exam. At first we will focus on controlling the vehicle. In the next steps we will practice different types of traffic situations and special manoeuvres. We monitor your progress with a progress sheet.

There is a possibility to do a interim test. This is a pre-exam to see were you're standing. If you pass for the special manoeuvres during this interim test, you will get an exemption for it during your final exam.


The car

The car that is being used for the driving lessons is a Volkswagen Polo TDI. A comfortable and compact car which makes it ideal to learn how to drive a car.

Some of the features of the car are:



Onboard computer

Start/stop system

Power steering



Before we can request the exam for you, you first need to authorize us to do so. This can be done via mijn.cbr.nl. You will need to login with your personal DigiD code. In case you don't have one yet, you can request it at www.digid.nl. Next to that you will need the CBR-driving school number, ours is: 3576R8